Chapter I


The phone rang and four teenagers waited with breathless anticipation for the call to be answered. One of them shuffled and cleared his throat. Sibi, who was holding the phone and was the one to make the call, looked at his friend with a frown of impatience and said, “Shhh!”


The phone rang a second time and was answered. The person at the other end of the line did not say anything, waiting for Sibi to speak and identify himself. Sibi cleared his throat and spoke in a confident albeit breathless voice, “Can you deliver 15 pizzas for a party this Saturday?”

Finally, after a pause, the person at the other end spoke, and Sibi’s question was answered by a MorphVox encrypted voice, “Where would you like the pizzas delivered?”

Sibi’s curt reply was, “On the corner of 6th and Peachtree Street NE.” As soon as the address was given, the line was disconnected. Sibi and his friends waited at the corner of 6th and Peachtree Street. Just across from them was an ATM. All four boys stood staring at it, almost shaking with excitement. Very soon their vigil ended as the ATM made a dinging sound and money started pouring from it. There was a lot of 

money coming out of it and as soon as the boys were able to, they sprinted across the intersection and started collecting the money that was spilling out of the ATM.


No matter how many times they witnessed Sibi do this, the three friends, Mark, Anthony, and Chris was surprised by the power Sibi seemed to wield. They still did not know who the contact was that Sibi had called and given the address to, and how Sibi had known what to say, for clearly, the pizza order was just a way to identify it was Sibi who was calling.


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About the author

Byron A. Aris is a man who possesses many talents and a vast array of experiences. Born and raised in Jamaica, he moved to New Rochelle, New York in his mid-twenties. After some time, he decided the cold winters were not for him, and headed south. Today, he calls Atlanta, Georgia his home, and loves every minute spent living there with his three children and wife.


Byron spends his days as a cyber-security risk consultant, as well as, a project management professional. He has over twenty years of experience in both the financial and technology industries. A technologist and entrepreneur, Byron is the head of numerous technology-related projects. He, recently, set his computer aside to pick up the pen.


Byron has always had a passion for writing, so he decided it was time to combine that passion with his real-world experience. When We Were Hackers, Rise of the CEO’s, and We Are Back, are the three books in his Dark Cumulus series. He may have left the island life behind, but those experiences remain a positive and essential part of his life.


Aside from writing, Byron enjoys spending time in the kitchen to practice making Jamaican recipes. He loves to travel when time permits and spends as much time with friends and family as possible.